The KneeCrutch Orthopedic Device is a great alternative to traditional crutches!
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    Orthopedic Knee Crutch in Action

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    Orthopedic Knee Crutch in Action

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The Orthopedic Knee Crutch is a must for anyone suffering from lower leg injuries. Originally designed by a retired NASA Engineer with a foot disorder that required major reconstructive surgery, This orthopedic medical deviceĀ is a great alternative to traditional crutches. The stability benefit of the Orthopedic Knee Crutch provides for "resting periods" during long walks or while standing in long lines. With the ability to double as a very comfortable as a "sitting stool!" Doctors who have recommended our product to their patients note its use is particularly well suited for "below-the-knee" injuries.

Its never an easy task determining your rehabilitation or mobility needs. As such we have strive to make this website as informative as possible to help you throughout the decision making process. We have videos, testimonials, advantages & benefits. Our insurance code is HCPCS E0118. If there is anything else we can do please reach out to us through our contact page.
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